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Company History

Company History

In 1976, the late Kees Bovenberg and Charles de Mutsert founded the company R.M.C.A. B.V. (RMCA), an independent company specialized in the transportation of perishable products. Kees and Charles brought more than 40 years of combined experience in the shipping world. They gained their experience in dry bulk shipping departments of VNS and Nedlloyd, the royal Dutch national shipping company.

In the highly specialized world of transport of perishables, RMCA, in a relatively short time, was appointed as consultants, advisors and chartering agents by renowned companies like the New Zealand Apple and Pear marketing board, the Blue Whale Group of France, the KF group in Scandinavia, BC Tree fruit of Canada and many more.

Over the years RMCA was further instrumental in the ordering of a series of new refrigerated vessels with long period time-charters attached, most of them trading under 10-15 year’s contracts. RMCA  published two books written by Capt. Alders dealing with the various aspects of the transport and handling of perishables.

In 1987 Han van Blanken joined the team, with the object to start up a sale and purchase department and non-reefer projects. Having been sailing the seas for more than 7 years as an officer, shipping had no secrets for him and numerous sales, both in the dry-cargo and reefer market, were the result. Due to the successes, the company expanded further as Ship Owners in reefer ships, fast ferry ships and container ships.

As from 2004 Han van Blanken, aside from his activities in RMCA, joined a long established dry bulk family shipping company in Rotterdam, JBekkers co bv. He became Managing Director of JBekkers and was extremely successfully riding with the dry bulk market cycles in the early 2000’s and the super cycle of 2007/2008.

As from 2010 Han van Blanken, on behalf of the Dutch Shipowners’ Association KVNR, is also member of the Bimco Documentary Committee, serving the industry with standard documents for commercial shipping.

Han since 2013 is also guest teacher at Shipping and Transport College STC in Rotterdam teaching students about a strategical approach of shipfinance and strategical chartering. 

In 2016 Han decided to leave JBekkers for new challenges in preparation for the next dry bulk cycle of 2016/2018. It was his idea to offer shipping and ship investment in a broad and strategical concept with integrated strategical Chartering, Operations and Technical Management.

After a short side step in 2016 trying to roll out the concept with some Dutch shipping people, Han is now back in RMCA to bring this concept to the market, together with Chartering expert Evert Hoogwerf with whom Han has been working in JBekkers for over 10 years. Evert is a strategical chartering expert with a huge international network in many shipping fields, including large tankers. Evert has a track record of outperforming the markets with minimum 30 percent due to his strategical approach and integrated Operations.

In 2014 Charles de Mutsert went on pension relief and his position as partner in RMCA was taken over by Dink Ripmeester who gained his experience in shipping as ship owner, operator and broker. Dink was active as a fully independent Shipbroker and Logistics Facilitator since the mid 70’s of the last century. He was sworn in shipbroker at the Middelburg court in 1988 and involved in what we call today Biomass since 1989. Dink was lecturing Chartering and Logistics since 2001 at the Shipping Transport College STC of Rotterdam to young shipping people, NATO officers and international shipping people. He was the Chairman of the Dutch Shipbrokers Society from 2008 until he passed away unexpectedly in December 2017. Han was requested to take ove this position and in April 2018 he was appointed by General Meeting as Chairman of Dutch Shipbrokers NZS.     

Today RMCA offers a broad palette of services to the shipping community, apart from the usual management facilities for commercial and technical, but also consultation and feasibility studies on projects, alternative project financing possibilities and fast passenger ferries. In an effort to protect the world and environment, RMCA has decided to also add green technologies to their projects wherever possible. Since 2018 RMCA became involved in the modern IT technology driven GSAN Global Ship Agencies Network.   

R.M.C.A. is there also for YOU!

Book Publications

A must for all those who are involved in any way in the transportation or storage of perishables


Were in the beginning the activities for nearly 100% focused on dry bulk and reefer chartering, nowadays the activities are multiple. With the combined experience of the RMCA staff,  Strategical Chartering is only one of the leads. The company is active in a broad field of shipping, Dry bulk, Tankers, MPP, Short Sea, Chartering, Sale and purchase, Financing, Management, Ownership, Feasibility studies, New buildings and others.

After the succesfull exploitation of a shipping container line in the fareast, until the Asia crisis, amongst other projects, the company together with a substantial Greek shipping group, has formed Blue Horizon Investment Fund and is now concentrating on high yield Dry bulk investment opportunities by making use of the opportunities of the shipping cycle.

You can address us for your questions in the shipping and ship finance fields. Always on a ‘no cure, no pay basis’. Some of our customers are with us for over 40 years but we are always there to serve new customers with their challenges, like our latest added IT driven activity GSAN.

GSAN Global Ship Agencies Network is an independent worldwide umbrella organisation for quality shipping agents and regional liner and tramp ship agents. It is also the oldest and one of the largest networks. If you are seeking Tramp or Liner Ship Agency services worldwide or a reliable disbursement account, you can locate such agents free of charge via our website www.go2gsan.com by using the ‘locate a ship agency button’. To its members, the network offers quality features such as network pay (payments in over 200 currencies without bank charges and at better exchange rates than offered by banks), legal advice, dedicated insurances and others.

RMCA, your partner in shipping, management, chartering, logistics, transportation and financing.

RMCA Contact details:

Mail: mail@rmca.nl

Office Phone+31 (0) 180 518 144

Han van Blanken Mobile phone: +31 (0)653 558 136

Evert Hoogwerf Mobile phone: +31 (0) 610 626 984